Oct – December 2012


I took 5 people ice fishing and we caught several rainbow trout of about 9 or 10 inches, and one larger rainbow of nearly 20 inches. All of the fish were caught on Balls O’ Fire single salmon eggs or Orange Deluxe salmon eggs. We were careful and drilled a few test holes before venturing out on the ice too far. Ice depth was somewhere between 4 – 6 inches. During the trip we also saw a large flock of ducks and a flock of swans flying over the frozen water.


I took 7 teenagers ice fishing and each of them caught some fish ranging in size from about 8 – 14 inches. All the fish were caught on Pautzke’s Balls O’Fire salmon eggs or Orange Deluxe salmon eggs. We also saw some other groups of ice anglers out trying their luck today. Ice depth seemed to be about 6 inches, and the ice was clear enough from snow that that several of the young people I took out also spent a significant amount of time ice skating. We released most of the fish we caught, but kept a few of the larger ones. Looks like ice fishing season has arrived, and today was a calm day which made it pleasant to be outside on the open ice.


I guided a group of 3 people who caught some rainbow trout, landlocked king salmon, and Arctic Char. All of the fish were caught while fishing with Pautzke salmon eggs. The group caught fish on both the Orange Deluxe and Red Balls O’ Fire egg colors. Ice was over 18 inches deep, and most of the fish were less than 12 inches — although the largest char measured in at 24 inches and provided a great fight before he could be pulled up through the ice.


I guided a group of 2 guests who caught fish nonstop for about 3 hours. We fished with Pautzke Balls O’ Fire salmon eggs and also Pautzke Orange Deluxe salmon eggs. Often times the fish were grabbing the bait as soon as my guests dropped it down the hole — and before the bait reached the bottom. The largest fish were about 12 inches and the guests kept 6 fish close to that size, but caught and released many more. We saw 2 bald eagles that landed in a tree near us and watched us fish for several minutes. Ice is plenty thick and strong. Weather (wind) has been a limiting factor that has kept me from fishing more.