Fishing Quotes

Fishing Quotes about Fishing for Salmon in Alaska

To our Valued Guest Fishermen:
“Thank You! for fishing with Fishtale, and for your kind words about our guide service, Little Susitna River, and the fish. We have truly enjoyed the opportunity to fish with you.” — Andy Couch, Owner & Guide

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Andy Couch and Fishtale River Guides are without a doubt the most knowledgeable, professional, ethical, and skilled guide and service on Alaska’s Little Susitna River. I charter with Andy every year for king salmon. Andy also provides superb trips for silver salmon in July and August. I took my 75 year old father for silvers on his birthday and he limited out and had the trip of his lifetime. Kings and silvers on the Little Su = Fishtale. — David C. Churchill,  Wasilla, Alaska

I have been fishing with Fishtale River Guides for 7 or 8 years. The guides are always courteous and helpful. We fish for king and silver salmon and due to their knowledge and experience I have always come home with my limit. I would not hesitate to recommend them. They are the best!! — Nora Hathhorn,  Wasilla, Alaska

I recommend Andy Couch to people I know. He shows them a good time and if there’s fish to be caught, they’ll catch them. I respect Andy because he is capable and concerned for his clients, and shows the same attitude toward the fishery. He is among the most knowledgeable persons fishing the Little Su. His sincerity and compassion reflects not only in his guiding, but in fishery management. He works to make things better. –Larry Engel,  biologist, 30 years Alaska Department of Fish & Game,  retired,  Palmer, Alaska

Dear Dave and Linda Osgood,
Thank you for one of the most memorable days of fishing I’ve ever had! It was especially wonderful to be out on the river with my husband who had a very rough year (cancer plus the death of both parents), and I appreciate all the extra time and expertise we had from you to make those days special. We realize your knowledge of the river and the fish were an integral part of our success. Also your tactful encouragement of the groups of inexperienced silver salmon fishermen (and women) –including myself. We both highly recommend you as a fishing guide to anyone. — Alice Taylor Sharrock, Nenana, Alaska

Fishtale guest Alice Taylor Sharrock is an accomplished Alaska artist who lives in the village of Nenana not far from Denali National Park.  She welcomes you to visit her website and see some of her work – just click the link above.  — Andy Couch,   Fishtale Owner

Fishtale River Guides are personable and very knowledgeable. I like a guide who’ll talk to me and explain what’s going on. They work hard to help me catch my fish. I fish with them at least twice a year. — Chuck Austin,  Palmer, Alaska

I’ve gone with Fishtale River Guides over 25 times and I always catch fish. They’re pleasant, congenial, and know their business. They’re not in it just for the money, they really care about their guests. — Retired outfitter Perc Yarborough,  Chickaloon, Alaska

Fishtale River Guides are considerate of us and concerned about catching fish. They make us feel like we are not just a fare. We’ve been with Fishtale so many times they’re now our friends. They’re fun. — Beth Lemke,  Wasilla, Alaska

My next door neighbor went with Fishtale and caught good fish. Fishtale knew what they were doing, so I booked a trip. I’ve gone with them every year since. I take my wife, my kids, and my clients. The only complaint I have is they charge too little. Comparing them to others they don’t charge what they’re worth. — Dick Edwards,  Anchorage, Alaska

Andy Couch is one of the best fishing guides I’ve met. I have enjoyed his business-like manner and cheerful personality. His fishing knowledge is exceptional. I could recommend him to anyone who wants a memorable experience. Future trips are planned and Andy Couch will be my first choice for a guide. — C. G. Gaither,   Vancouver, Washington

For the last 7 years Fishtale has given me and my family great fishing adventures no matter what the weather, water conditions, or fish availability. Andy Couch has always made it fun to be on the river. –Gerard W. Brell,  Anchorage, Alaska

These guys work really hard for a successful trip. They know the good holes and places the fish are. They take good care of their equipment. Most of all they are fun and have great sense of humor which makes the day even more fun. My friend & I have gone three times & we live here! — Dona M. Holliman,  Anchorage, Alaska

We highly recommend this guide service. Over the past few years we have used different guides and each one has proven to be excellent. One year we had our granddaughter with us (age 11) and the guide offered guidance, and she was able to land the limit of salmon by herself. We appreciated the guide’s attitude toward a younger person. — Lynda W. Mathis,  Anchorage, Alaska

Fishtale River Guides is one of our favorite annual summer “mini vacations” — a wonderful short time getaway for our busy summer work schedule here in the Mat-Su Valley. We also love to take visiting out-of-state guests on Fishtale River Guides’ trips. The fishing is awesome, the scenery and wildlife outstanding, and the guides make the trips even more enjoyable with all their knowledge of the area. — Connie J. Bingham,  Palmer, Alaska

Took multiple trips with Andy, wouldn’t hesitate to book him again – even if I had to drive a couple hundred miles to get there. This man is an expert when it comes to back trolling using oars. — E. James Fielder,   Florida and Maine

Had a great time and will be back. This was by far the best fishing I have ever done and Andy is the Greatest! — M. E. Spillman,   Wendover, Nevada

I enjoy going fishing with Fishtale so much that I sent five out of state visitors with them this past summer. Not only is Andy polite and considerate of his clients, he also shows great respect to other fishermen on the river. — Louise Bidondo,  Palmer, AK

Fishtale is an excellent provider of guided and outfitted fishing excursions in Southcentral Alaska. (Overall – Outstanding “A” grade). — Steven E. Bush,  Wasilla, Alaska

Have used Andy Couch on three separate occasions and all have been outstanding or more so “perfect.” Andy Couch of Fishtale River Guides is one of the most outstanding sports recreation service persons I have ever known. He has an outstanding personality, matching character, and dedication to seeing the customer/client has a good time. He is patient, has superior fishing ability, and essential skills to insure a person has a good time. Overall is one `of the most outstanding and memorable people I have known. — Huey I. Dowden,   Many, Louisiana

Andy & staff were great. Their small size permitted our experience to be everything we hoped for! — John Ditzler,  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Andy always knows the river, where the fish are, and what to catch them with. The quality of the trip is tops. His patience with “first-timers,” and his rapport with “old timers” testifies to his flexibility and expertise. His custom-made “Flashtrap” spinners are designed specifically for the Little Susitna River conditions and the ever changing fishing regulations in Alaska. Andy Couch of Fishtale River Guides is truly an exceptional fishing/river guide! — David and Linda Osgood,  Chickaloon, Alaska

This was an “early season” run and Andy said we would probably not do too well, but we were there to have fun, and that was fine with us. Andy knew the river and it’s special king salmon holes so well that we were able to find and catch some fish. I’m convinced Andy is one of the best on the river. — Craig L. Saunders,  Palmer, Alaska

Andy Couch is by far the best fishing guide in this area. My wife was impressed by his ability to instruct and correct her technique in a way that produced fish! Andy is not only a guide but a teacher and outdoorsman supreme. He has the skills and knowledge of both fish and river to produce fish for both amatuer and expert. — Rev. W. Dean Hendrickson,  Palmer, Alaska