COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Protective Plan May 8,2020 —
updated June 1, 2020

The goal of this plan is to keep clients, employees, contractors, and the communities that support FIshtale River Guides safe and healthy, and to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19 during the course of normal business operations. Fishtale River Guides relies on Alaska Health Mandates and Health Alerts, as well as guidance by State of Alaska and U.S. Center for Disease Control, in establishing procedures intended to keep people safe while fishing.

* Call a day or two before your trip to discuss check in and driving directions, Plan stipulations, and questions you may have. (907) 746-2199

Planning Ahead – prior to leaving your place of residence, lodging, or the location where you’ve been quarantining:

1a. People recently arriving in Alaska, must quarantine in Alaska for 14-days — before we may take you on a guided tour. After June 5, individuals may use a COVID-19 test with negative results administered within 72 hours (3 days) before arriving in Alaska, or administered in Alaska, as a substitute for this requirement.

2a. Let us know if you or a member of your group becomes ill before your trip. COVID-19 symptoms may include: fever, cough, muscle aches, recent loss of smell or taste, or have you been in close proximity to someone who developed COVID-19? In the event of illness we will refund your reservation, but we are NOT allowed to take ill guests on our trips.

3a. Single party groups of 4 guests or exclusive trip reservations are encouraged and will not be combined with other guests. Boat capacities are limited at up to 6 guests.

4a. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended. Boat seating is in close proximity, so bring masks /face coverings for your party, and plan to maximize social distancing while aboard.

5a. Purchase fishing licenses and king salmon stamps, food, beverages, and other trip items online or in your home community, thereby limiting chances of COVID-19 spread between communities. Bring food / drinks packaged for individuals –- avoid sharing.

6a. Most payments and contact information may be submitted through our online reservation system, processed over the phone, or made by check prior to your arrival at the boat launch site. When possible, pay with a credit card. Cash is accepted, and may be necessary, for some transactions during your trip.

7a. Bring personal clothing for all weather. We do our best to follow CDC guidelines for sanitizing boats, fishing gear, and boat gear. To minimize virus spread, FIshtale River Guides will NOT provide loaner rain gear, boots, face masks, gloves, or sunglasses.

8a. Bring extra plastic bags, a cooler, or other item(s) you may use to transport your fish after your fishing trip. These may be stored in your vehicle until needed. Fishtale River Guides provides a large cooler with ice— for onboard fish storage.

When You Arrive at the Boat Launch Site:

1b. Public restrooms are located at / near each boat launch. Please bring and use wipes / hand sanitizer.

2b. Mask / face coverings are recommended during our guided trips, so remember these items, and maintain social distancing, as you prepare to board the boat.

Going Fishing:

1c. Your guide will give a safety orientation prior to boat departure – listen to and follow your guide’s instructions.

2c. To maximize social distancing and trip efficiency your guide may assign seats / fishing areas on the boat.

3c. Fishing rod(s) may be assigned for an individual guest’s use during the trip.

4c. Mask / face coverings are recommended especially when in close proximity of others.

5c. Children 13 years and under must wear lifejackets when on a boat. We have lifejackets available, but your family may be more comfortable in their own.

6c. During the trip, trash shall be put in a boat trash container.

Ending Your Fishing Day:

1d. Social distancing practices remain in effect as we process your fish.

2d. Use your fish transport items for packaging / transporting your fish home.

3d. We sanitize our boat and fishing gear between each trip, according to CDC and State guidelines.

4d. Public restrooms are located near the boat launch / parking areas – please use your wipes / hand sanitizer before and after use.

5d. Dispose of any trash from your trip or in your vehicle safely and appropriately.

After Your Trip:

* Let us know if you, or anyone in your party, becomes ill within 48 hours (2 days) of your trip with Fishtale River Guides. We maintain a guest list with contact information for notification purposes. 

Thank You!