September 2008


I guided 3 guests who caught 4 silver salmon. 1 guest caught a limit of 3 silver salmon, 1 guest caught 1 silver salmon, and the remaining guest hooked a silver salmon, but did was not able to land any. All of the fish were caught on Fire Cured salmon roe fished under ESB Bobbers. In addition, 2 guests also hooked silver salmon on #4 silver and black Flashtrap Spinners, but lost them before the could be landed. Most people out along the river seem to be hunting now, rather than fishing, so there is little competition for fishing holes.


I guided a group of 4 people who caught a total of 8 silver salmon. 4 silver salmon were caught on #4 Flashtrap Spinners and 4 silver salmon were caught on Fire Cured salmon roe drifted under ESB Bobbers, in addition, 1 member of the group also caught a rainbow trout on one of the bobber and bait setups. Water is dropping down quite low, although recent tides have been high (over 31 feet), so there is still plenty of water in the tidal portion of the river.


I guided a morning group of 4 guests who caught 7 silver salmon on Fire Cured salmon roe drifted under ESB Bobbers.

I guided an afternoon group of 3 guests who caught 3 silver salmon and a silver salmon jack on Fire Cured salmon roe drifted under ESB Bobbers.

Water was extremely low and clear. Although we had some light showers, the weather was nice most of the day.


I took a day off today. Silver salmon fishing has been winding down for quite a while now, and we are currently planning on booking no new 2008 salmon fishing trips after Monday September 8.

Yesterday both groups I guided caught fresh chrome silver salmon with sea lice, but I doubt such nice salmon will be available for much longer on the Little Susitna River.


I guided a group of 5 people who caught 2 nice silver salmon while fishing Fire Cured salmon roe under ESB Bobbers. The group had a few additional bites, but overall there was not much action in the lower river. Way upstream near Houston, I`ve seen that plenty of silver salmon have been moving through the ADF&G counting weir over the past few days.

Water level is very low and clear through out the entire river at this time, and while the fish are quite visible in the clear water, they may also spooky and difficult to get to bite.


We had a trip scheduled, but after discussing the fishing conditions with the guest who set up the trip, he decided to opt out, so I did not even go to the river.


The guest who had booked the last open water silver salmon trip we had booked for 2008, decided to opt out after we discussed current fishing conditions. My feeling was that if we fished down river from the launch we might not catch or hook a single silver salmon, but if we fished upstream we would see a good number of silver salmon, most which would likely not be interested in biting, and most of which would be developing dark spawning colors.

I did travel out to the river to bring my guide boat home, while at the river I took a short boat ride upriver and saw a couple schools of silver salmon not too far up from the landing. I did not stop and to fish for them.

Notice to all who have kept in touch with us by e-mail, my computer crashed near the end of our silver salmon season, and I lost quite a bit of information, including all our e-mail addresses. If you would like us to have your e-mail address for future communications, please send us an e-mail and say so. Thank You.



As mentioned in earlier fishing reports, the salmon fishing season is pretty much over in the Mat-Su Valley North of Anchorage, however, we are currently taking reservations for both our 2009 king salmon season in May, June, and early July, and also for our 2009 silver salmon fishing season which runs from Mid July into early September.

Working with a couple other guide services, we currently have availability for all morning and afternoon dates from May 15 – September 5, although some king season and silver salmon season mornings and a few of the afternoons have already been fully booked in my personal guide boat.

Feel welcome to send us an e-mail (on Contact Us page of this website), fill out our reservation request form located on the Prices page, or give us a phone call at 907-746-2199 if you would like to discuss fishing options with us, or if you would like to go ahead and reserve one of our best fishing dates while there are still plenty of prime dates and weeks to choose from. If you are interested in a 2009 fishing/lodging package the last time I checked availability prime lodging options were available on all dates for the entire 2009 summer seasons.

For best availability to fit your schedule, contact us now, and we`ll put together our best possible package to fit your needs.