Oct – December 2008

12/16/2008 We`ve been ice fishing a couple times this winter, and the fish we`ve been catching have been on the small side. I`ve had a few groups contact me about fishing in late December, but wanted to let people know that we will not be scheduling additional ice fishing until January or February.

September 2008

09/01/2008 I guided 3 guests who caught 4 silver salmon. 1 guest caught a limit of 3 silver salmon, 1 guest caught 1 silver salmon, and the remaining guest hooked a silver salmon, but did was not able to land any. All of the fish were caught on Fire Cured salmon roe fished under ESB … Read more

August 2008

08/01/2008 In the morning I guided 5 people, 4 of whom caught limits of silver salmon, and 1 of whom caught a silver salmon and a couple pink salmon. All of the salmon were caught on #5 Flashtrap Spinners. I guided an afternoon group of 5 people, each of whom caught a limit of silver … Read more

July 2008

07/01/2008 I guided 4 guests, 2 of whom caught king salmon. 2 king salmon were caught on a magnum Wiggle Wart, and 1 king salmon was caught on a #4 silver and black Flashtrap Spinner. The 2 salmon which were kept weighed 22 and 29 pounds. The water level has dropped down to the normal … Read more

June 2008

06/01/2008 Little Susitna River — I guided a morning group of 5 people, 2 of whom caught king salmon on Spinning and Flashing Cheaters. The group also caught a snagged king salmon which we released, and had a bite from a jack king salmon which got away. We also saw a cow moose with a … Read more

May 2008

05/01/2008 Little Susitna River — I talked with a friend of mine who attempted to drive to the Little Susitna River Public Use Facility yesterday. He said Little Su Access Road was muddy with large ruts after the farm, and rather than tearing up the road more by attempting to drive in or possibly getting … Read more

Jan – April 2008

02/08/2008 Alaska Board of Fisheries Meeting The Board is meeting in Anchorage at the Coast International Inn for the purpose of updating fishing regulations and management plans. New regulations and plans will then be in effect for the next 3 years. There is still opportunity for the public to become involved by writing and submitting … Read more