Oct – December 2007

12/26/2007 Kepler – Bradlely Lake System near Palmer — I guided 5 guests who caught lots of rainbow trout, Arctic char, and landlocked salmon on Fire Cured salmon roe and also on Pautzke`s Balls O`Fire single salmon eggs. Most of the fish averaged about 6-8 inches in length, and the largest salmon was probably about … Read more

September 2007

09/01/2007 Little Susitna River — I guided 3 fishermen, each of whom caught a limit of silver salmon by drifting Fire Cured salmon eggs under ESB Bobbers. Although it rained slightly, the river remains extremely low. The river was also busy with duck hunters today, as it was the openning day of duck season. 09/02/2007 … Read more

August 2007

08/01/2007 Little Susitna River — I guided 3 guests in the morning who caught 4 silver salmon and hooked and lost a few more silver salmon on Flashtralp spinners. I guided 2 people in the afternoon who caught 3 silver salmon and also hooked and lost a few other silvers as well. We saw salmon … Read more

July 2007

07/01/2007 Susinta — I guided 3 people who each caught a king salmon. 2 king salmon were caught on size 15 Stingfish plugs and 1 king salmon was caught on a K-15 Kwikfish. The fish weighed 28, 24, and 20 pounds. It rained and we got wet and cool on this trip. 07/02/2007 I guided … Read more

June 2007

06/01/2007 Little Susitna River — I guided 3 people who hooked 5 king salmon, but only one person managed to catch a king salmon. 2 king salmon were hooked on a K-14 Kwikfish and the other 3 were hooked on a magnum Wiggle Wart. The bigger than average king salmon that was caught weighed 34 … Read more

May 2007

05/02/2007 Finger Lake — I drove into the Finger Lake campground today and from that end of the lake there was no ice in sight. I saw a couple people fishing off the dock near the boat launch, and also spotted one powerboat cruising out on the lake and a canoer out paddling. Finger Lake … Read more

Jan – April 2007

01/01/2007 2007 Reports will start after January 1. 02/01/2007 Kepler-Bradley Lake System near Palmer — I fished with two other people and we caught 7 nice Arctic Char, the smallest of which was about 13 inches and the largest of which was about 16 inches. One of the guys fishing with me also caught a … Read more